Color reminding me a lesson

I have been in my parents' home since yestreday.

Differing greatly from my home, the temperature around here is lower than 0 degree.

Mountains surrounding us are covered with a lot of white snow and its beautiful landscape reminds me that I fell down on the ice road with my motorbike.

An ice road was nothing unusual for me at that time, so that I took it lightly and had narrow escape from death.
If I had slipped a few centimeters more, I would have dropped to the bottom of a ravine and must have been drawn up to heaven!!

To get use a thing makes us careless.

  1. have been to と have gone to
  2. 肯定的な意味で不可算名詞の多数を表すのは、much ではなく a lot of
  3. 等価接続の and の前後で時制は不変
  4. 仮定法 If S 過去形(過去完了形), S would 原形(完了形)
    • → 条件節(未来のことも現在形)