Episode03: Sweet Sausage Blues

  1. get to: 〜を始める、〜に取り掛かる、〜に着手する
  2. "a lot of"(形) と "a lot"(名)
  3. "the person who 〜" は便利な言い回し!
  4. the way 〜: 〜のようなやり方(つまり "how"と同義)
  5. "'ll" は聞き取れない → 文脈から補完する
  6. shed: (自然と)落ちる
  7. "last" + (名詞)で動作の終了を表す
  8. "embarrass" スペル注意

The next morning, Charo wakes up in a back-alley. No, he is not in a dream. Just then something hits the ground right in front of Charo. It's a bagel.



"What? You called me?"


"Dread, my name is Dread."

"Dread. Thank you, Dread."

Charo jumps right to the bagel and matches. He hasn't eaten anything for such a long time.

"And you? What's your name?"

"Charo, I'm Charo."

"Charo, ah ha. OK, Charo. You feel strong enough to walk now?


"Come on, then."


"You've got to live by yourself, right?"


"There is a lot to learn. Come with me."

Charo follows Dread, wondering where they're going. Soon, they come to the door of a restaurant kitchen.

"Dread! I almost thought you weren't coming. And hey, you've got company!"

Rosa is the person who runs the restaurant. Charo is struck by the charming way she looks.

"So, you're still a little puppy. Wait. I'll bring special something for you."

"She always does this, you know."

"She is kind."


Rosa comes back from the kitchen and tosses a sausage to Charo.

"You like it? I'm glad, baby. It's all yours. A nice-to-meet-you gift. Chao!"

"What's the matter? You don't like sausages?"

"I love them."

"Then eat."


Charo brings his mouth to the sausage, but he can't see it well. His eyes are filled with tears.

"Now what?"

"Sausage. Shota gave me sausage, too, when we first met."

"Who's Shota?"

"My owner. I was just born. I thaught I was dying. I was so hungry. Shota came and took me in. He fed me, and saved my life."

"Huh, is he a kid too?"

"Eight. Eight years old."


"I want to see Shota. I miss him."


Suddenly Charo starts to cry. Dread seems embarrassed. He isn't really good around sad, crying puppies. Finally Charo sheds his last tear.

"Feeling better?"

"Yes, thank you."

"Then, eat."

But Charo just looks at the sausage. He then takes it in his mouth, walks over and drops it beside Dread.


"Let's eat together."

"Thanks, but no thanks. It's yours, boy. Eat whenever you can, whatever you can. That's rule No.1 in this city."

Dread goes back to his own plate. At this moment, Charo realizes that somehow being close to Dread makes him feel safe.