Episode 02: Far from Japan


  • ポイント
    1. so A that B AによりB
    2. 完了形の聞き取り('s は混同しやすい、'd は逃しやすい)
    3. in amazement びっくりして
    4. she と she is
    5. get in 〜 …に入り込む
    6. stumble into 〜 …に偶然はいる
  • 聴いたことをそのまま書き出す力、聴いたことから単語を補完する力、双方が必要

Charo is wandering around town. He feels so tired that he squats down by a fence.

"Hey, where'd you come from? This isn't a place to rest. This is the gate of a parking lot! You're blocking the way!"

"Woof! Woof! Er...Do I disturb cars?"

Manhattan is no longer a friendly town to Charo. He moves, but his legs feel so heavy.

"I'm hungry..."

Yes, Charo is hungrier than ever.
But when he reaches next crossing, he stops and looks up in amazement.
It is so pretty! The tall buildings are all being lit up!! And one of them seems familiar.

"That tall building is that one which is by a hotel I stayed with Shota!! I guess Shota will come there to look for me. Go and wait him!"

Down the street, the Chrysler Building is shining, Charo gets to 42nd street and sees the hotel. He happily runs ahead, but...

"Hey, you can't come in here. Shoo, Shoo!!"

"Let me in. I was here before."
"Arf! Arf!"

"Go! Get going!!"

Again Charo is kicked out. He now sees that a dog can't get in places like this, unless he is with a human. He is all aolne now. What can he do? He stumbles into the back alley of the hotel, and lies down. Then suddenly...


There, a great big boxer!


"Hey, who do you think you are? This is my territory."

"Oh, I'm...sorry..."

"You'd better be."

"Er, sir? Which way is Japan?"


"How long does it take to Japan?"


"If I walk, how long?"

The big dog can't believe what he's just heard.

"Japan is far."

"(does省略?)It takes days? Months?"

"You came from Japan?"

"Yes, I got lost at the airport. I was going back to Japan."

"But now, you can't. Not any more"


"Dogs can't get on the airplane, not by themselves, you understand?"


"Japan is far... Far, far, far away!! If you, it'll take more than a lifetime"


"Yeah, that means you'll be dead. Listen, you've got to learn to live here. Forget about Japan, and get used to it here."

The big boxer starts to walk again.

"Not true...It's not true...! Shota, Shota..."

But at that moment...

"OK, Okay...I'll help you. But only for today."

Dread, the big boxer carries Charo gently in his mouth, and moves on.
Charo sees the city lights moving back and forth, until confortably he feels himself pass out.