A snow is not only beautiful but also holds up traffic.

It have snowed in my parents' city since this night, again.
I had been truly impressed with the snow scene, but I've been fed up with it!!
If we feel cold only, there aren't so many problems; it is an ice road that troubles us.

My sister called me about 9 p.m. and she said that the heavy snow kept her car from going ahead.
Then we have two driver, me and my father; but he had been already drunk, so I drove to her and picked her up.

It costs too much, doesn't it?

  1. 形式主語(仮主語)構文と強調構文
    • 長い主語を忌避しているのか、単語を強調しているのか
    1. that は接続詞か(that節が完全文か)?
      • yes→形式主語・no→強調
    2. it is that を取り去ったときに要素が十分か?
      • 足りない→形式主語・足りている→強調
  2. keep A from B(ing)  AがBするのを妨げる
  3. 付加疑問文